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Learn Academies Trust

Learn Academies Trust


Development of the Learn-AT Assessment Framework was a major and critical piece of school improvement work during the Trust’s first year.

First, we needed to learn as much as we could about principled, authentic and effective primary assessment. To do this we engaged, together, in a comprehensive research literature review, attended assessment conferences and listened to respected assessment researchers, thinkers and commentators.

Secondly, informed by our learning, we designed a coherent, evidence-informed assessment framework that promotes high quality teaching and learning and supports Trust and school self-evaluation and improvement. Finally, we implemented this framework in a robust and sustainable way which supports teachers’ professional learning and pupil progress in all Learn-AT schools.

The Learn-AT Assessment Framework is underpinned by a firm foundation of effective formative assessment and responsive teaching, further secured by a range of common, standardised assessments. Teachers and school leaders engage in regular professional dialogue about pupil learning in half termly pupil progress meetings.

A straightforward and simple data collection system helps school and Trust leaders to track pupil achievement and set priorities for development and professional learning.