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Learn Academies Trust Teaching School

Learn Academies Trust Teaching School

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Word Study Spelling

Teach Spelling using Word Study.

Our programme looks at the research behind the teaching of spelling and will show you how you can use this to support children’s learning.  In Word Study lessons, pupils are taught skills which enable them to learn how to learn about spelling, rather than remembering lists.  They are then supported in using the words they’ve learned to spell in a variety of contexts, providing vocabulary enrichment activities and developing skills which complement reading, writing and grammar teaching.

We share a detailed programme of study to follow and will give you plans and resources for teaching.  There will be lots of opportunity to work collaboratively with others, sharing ideas to make the teaching of spelling work in a practical way in your own classroom.

Dates:  4th & 18th March ~ 1st & 22nd April  1.30pm - 3.30pm

Cost: £200 per person for all 4 afternoon sessions

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Maths Mastery

 This series of workshops will develop teachers' subject knowledge and the approach to teaching       around the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematic’s 5 big ideas for mastery.   Topics covered include mathematical thinking, coherence, variation, representation and fluency. The   final session will embed the focus of theory into lesson planning.

 Date: 19th March

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Global Learning: Global Teacher's Award 1

This is an intermediate level course from Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning. This course will give you greater skills, confidence and understanding to embed development education and global learning in your school's curriculum. It will enable you to reflect on resources and approaches to become a more confident global teacher and global learning leader. The day's activities will be a balance of sharing practice, information giving and planning for your own classroom delivery. There will be a short take-away activity for you to complete and return.

Date: 23rd April 2020 9am – 4pm

Cost: Free to all LearnAT Schools

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